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Coronavirus in Texas

COVID-19 vaccines may be coming soon, but most Texans won’t get them for months. Here’s why.

Officials are preparing for the massive undertaking of distributing a vaccine that may require multiple doses and subzero storage temperatures across a state that covers 270,000 square miles and some 170 rural counties.

Shirley Cortez, left, prepares flu shots while Janel Allen applies hand sanitizer inside the mobile unit in front of Falfurrias High School on Nov. 13, 2020.
Ricardo Garcia, driver of the Community Action Health Centers mobile unit. Nov. 13, 2020.

Preparing for a vaccine 

Janel Allen administers a flu shot to a local in Falfurrias on Nov. 13, 2020.
A prepped flu shot in the mobile unit.
Nelissa Ortiz of Community Action Health Center signs up a patient for a flu shot. Nov. 13, 2020

Concerns about distribution 

In rural areas, worries about supply and money 

Downtown Falrurrias. Nov. 13, 2020

"It will be confusing at first" 

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