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Texas 2020 Elections

Miles to go before they vote: Without absentee ballots, displaced Texans cross the country to vote at home

Worried because their absentee ballots never arrived, two American University students rented a Volkswagen Golf and drove 30 hours across half a dozen states to cast their votes in Texas this week.

Zachary Houdek drove from Washington, D.C., where he is currently enrolled in college, back home to Austin to cast his vote for the 2020 general election. He did not trust that his absentee ballot would arrive in time to be counted.
Determined to vote in their home state of Texas, college students Meredith Reilly (left) and Zachary Houdek, both 20, snap a selfie as they drive their rented VW Golf through the southern states on Monday, some 24 hours into a 3,000-mile round trip from American University in Washington D.C. to their homes in Fort Worth and Austin to cast ballots in person after their absentee ballots never showed up.

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