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Coronavirus in Texas

How a $175 COVID-19 test led to $2,479 in charges

A global pandemic ravaging America is no time to forget the first rule of American health care: There is no set price. One out-of-network medical provider in Texas seeks permission from patients to charge fees as high as six figures to their insurance.

By Marshall Allen, ProPublica
People wait in line to get tested for COVID-19 at a testing site at Memorial Park Aquatic Facility in El Paso on July, 16, 2020.
A portion of the document given to Rachel de Cordova at SignatureCare highlighted by ProPublica describes fees for the “facility” and “observation” that could reach $100,000 each.

“I would have signed anything”

The bill for de Cordova’s son’s evaluation and $175 COVID-19 test came to $2,479 after fees added by SignatureCare.

Was the statement accurate?

“Testing should be free”

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