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The inauguration of Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick cost millions. But much of it went to fundraising and staff.

Spending on each of the last two inaugurations eclipsed that of any other in Texas for at least 40 years, even when adjusted for inflation. A spokesman for the governor has said no state dollars were spent on the festivities.

A view of the main stage at the state capitol. Preparations are underway for the Oath of Office Ceremony celebrations scheduled for tomorrow. Jan. 14, 2019. Miguel Gutierrez / The Texas Tribune.
Governor Greg Abbott is officially sworn in at the Oath of Office Ceremony at the state capitol. He is accompanied by his wife Cecilia Abbott and daughter Audrey Abbott. Jan. 15, 2019. Miguel Gutierrez Jr. / The Texas Tribune.

Like "shooting fish in a barrel"

Tribune has sued for records

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