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2019 Texas Constitutional Amendment Election

Texas law requires retired police dogs be auctioned off. Proposition 10 would send them home with their handlers.

On Nov. 5, voters have the chance to change the Texas Constitution to ensure retired law enforcement animals can be adopted by their handlers, erasing a decades-old requirement that government property must be sold or destroyed when no longer in use.

Correctional Officer 5, Mike Warren, (background right) and Lt. Stacy Halbert (back left) look over the contraband dog, Gus, during a demonstration of how the dog seeks out cell phones around the Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville on April 23, 2014.
Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner served in the Philippines as one of the Air Force's K9 handlers. He extended his tour several times to stay with his dog, Jessie, who was getting near retirement age.

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Ferro, a German shepherd, is a patrol and narcotics detection dog for the Collin County Sheriff's Department.
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