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As debate rages on border wall funding, construction is already beginning

In far South Texas, federal contractors are preparing to break ground on 33 miles of new fencing that Congress authorized last year.

Naida Alvarez painted "no border wall" on the roof of her home in La Rosita, Texas. Alvarez has received letters from the US…
Yvette Gaytan and her neighboor Naida Alvarez  stands close to the Rio Grande river on Alvarez  property in La Rosita, Texas…
Area with border wall inside the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse birding center in Hidalgo, Texas
(left to right) Gina Wisdon, Juan Mancias tribal chair of the Carrizo/Comecrudo group, Adelina Yarrito and Cecilia Gonzales …
Surveyor's stakes in ground where proposed wall at the US-Mexico border is to be built in Mission, Texas
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