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Blowout: Inside America's energy gamble

Death in the oilfields: Fossil fuel boom brings mounting risk of death, injuries

From 2008 through 2017, 1,566 workers perished trying to extract oil and gas in America. About as many U.S. troops died fighting in Afghanistan during that period.

By Jim Morris, Center for Public Integrity
Randall and Shellye Claxton of Nocona believe the death of their son, Gregory, from hydrogen sulfide exposure, was preventable.

Blowout: Inside America's energy gamble

How a new oil boom is transforming West Texas, sending U.S. oil around the world and threatening efforts to fight climate change.

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Five men died when Patterson Rig 219 exploded in Oklahoma.

‘This could have been prevented’

‘Rogue corporate entity’

Parker Waldridge and his youngest daughter, Kaycee Whisenhunt. Waldridge was among five men who died in an explosion at an Oklahoma gas well in January.

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