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Blocked Out

As Texas grows, an affordable housing crisis looms. Here are six things to know.

Demographics, income and location all play roles in the difficulties Texans face finding an affordable home in a neighborhood they like.

Afternoon traffic headed out of West Dallas and toward downtown backs up on Singleton Boulevard. This Dallas neighborhood is changing fast as new apartments and restaurants replace aging homes and businesses. 

Rent typically eats up more of a paycheck than a mortgage.


Some areas look affordable on paper but are out of reach for many Texans.


Communities of color and those with mostly white residents face different realities.


In Texas’ most expensive ZIP code, it may take more than a job to afford a house.


San Antonio’s Stone Oak area is among the state’s most affordable for renters. But expect a long commute.


An area near downtown Austin is affordable for many new home buyers. But they’re pushing out longtime residents.


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