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Black Americans are still victims of hate crimes more than any other group

James Byrd Jr., who was dragged to death in Texas 20 years ago, became one of the namesakes for a 2009 federal law expanding hate crime legislation. But just 100 hate crimes have been pursued by federal prosecutors between January 2010 and July 2018.

By Lillianna Byington, Brittany Brown and Andrew Capps, News21
James Byrd Jr.'s grave in the Jasper City Cemetery in Texas. Byrd was murdered by three white men in 1998.

Targeted in most violent crimes

Louvon Harris holds a photo of her brother, James Byrd Jr., at her home in Cypress, Texas. James was murdered in 1998 by three white men, and since then, Louvon has campaigned for hate crime laws in Texas and the rest of the country.

Reliving history of hate

Melissa Alford stands in her yard, where members of a Confederate pride group terrorized a family birthday party she hosted in 2015.

Historically targeted by hate groups

‘We have a long way to go’

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