This is a moment. At no time in the nearly eight years that The Texas Tribune has been in business has the world been in such flux and chaos, and therefore at no time has our work — nonpartisan journalism in the public interest — been more important and more in demand. Holding people in power to account is what we need now like never before. The politics of our day are polarizing and coarse, and across the policy landscape, work that needs to get done isn’t getting done. The conversation among the competing parties has broken down to the point that the common good is in danger of no longer being served.

The solution to all this, we know, is greater civic engagement. More of our friends and neighbors must speak up and speak out, whatever color jersey they wear, and participate in this participatory democracy of ours. Basic information, fair and accurate, of the sort the best news organizations provide is what's required to enable thoughtful and productive citizenship. That's where we come in. The Tribune was founded to make the state we love smarter through robust reporting on public and higher ed, health care, immigration and the like, dynamic data presentations and visualizations, and a suite of free events at which elected officials are made to answer for what they do and don't do on our behalf. Our mission proudly remains unchanged, as does our method of achieving it.

And that's where you come in. As we say over and over, the operations of our ambitious newsroom are funded each year through the generous tax-deductible contributions of foundations, corporations, and a mix of wealthy individuals and regular folks who send us a few bucks in gratitude for our hard and vital labors. The gifts trickle in all year long, but they arrive in a steady stream during our membership drives. Today begins one of those.

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