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T-Squared: Amplify our important work — now more than ever

In these undeniably interesting times, credible news organizations like The Texas Tribune are essential to the proper functioning of our democratic society — which is why you should support us with a tax-deductible gift during Amplify Austin.

Aliyya Swaby on the "Race and Education" panel during "A Symposium on Race and Public Policy" at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin.

From day one, The Texas Tribune has been guided by a public service mission. Our job — and it remains an honor to do it — is to inform, educate and engage our friends and neighbors all across Texas on matters of politics, public policy and statewide concern. And not just that: We are duty-bound to be fair, thorough and accurate at all times and in all ways.

Loyal Tribune readers surely know this, but it bears saying at a time when the motivations of the media, broadly defined, are in question. We’ve been producing real news, not fake news, for going on eight years now. We take very seriously our responsibility to hold people in power to account. We report aggressively and ambitiously, without fear or favor. We answer to everyday Texans and to everyday Texans only, and we always will. We live, in the words of the Chinese proverb, in interesting times. Now more than ever, the Trib and credible news organizations like it are essential to the proper functioning of our democratic society.

Likewise, now more than ever, you can do your part to support this important work. Tonight we begin the 24-hour non-profit love fest known as Amplify Austin, when good folks in and out of the state capital are encouraged to make tax-deductible contributions of any size to their favorite civic-spirited groups. We have been excited and lucky to participate in Amplify in years past, and we've raised much-needed revenue that helps pay for the operations of our newsroom, our event production, our data acquisition and dissemination, and every other aspect of our growing and thriving media business. We'd be grateful beyond words if you'd consider donating — you can either preset your gift now or give when Amplify begins at 6 p.m. tonight. Not only The Texas Tribune but Texas itself will be better for it.

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