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The Brief: How the ICE sting led to a family in crisis

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say more than 50 people were arrested and detained this past weekend in a "targeted operation.” In at least one instance, a case of mistaken identity has led to a family crisis.

Irma Perez talks briefly with her husband, Miguel Angel Torres, who was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement leaving Irma to care for their three daughters Melani (12), Dana (8), and Jamilet (6) on Feb. 12, 2017.

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What you need to know

Officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement say more than 50 people were arrested and detained this past weekend in a "targeted operation.” Officials say they were looking for specific people who have "failed to honor a deportation order or because they have a DWI-related warrant or because of domestic violence." 

But according to the Austin-American Statesman, some immigrant parents are keeping their children home from school. And in at least one instance, a case of mistaken identity has led to a family crisis

  • On Friday, Irma Perez got a call from a neighbor with disastrous news: Her husband, Miguel Angel Torres, was arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement after dropping off their three daughters at school.
  • Four days earlier, Irma Perez had decided to help pay off her brother’s unpaid tickets to help him avoid any trouble. She provided her own address. Lawyers working on her husband's case believe officers waited outside the family's home thinking Torres was Irma Perez's brother, who had been previously deported.
  • When Torres was pulled over, officials asked him if he was Jose Manuel Perez,  according to Irma Perez. He said he wasn't — but was then detained anyway
  • Irma Perez has left her home out of fear that ICE might come there next. Both Irma and Torres are undocumented immigrants. Their three daughters are U.S. citizens. 

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