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The Bookshelf: Dec. 8, 2016

In this week's Bookshelf, our content partner Kirkus Reviews highlights Lower Ed.

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LOWER ED: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges in the New Economy

by Tressie McMillan Cottom

In this slender book, she lays out a case against a system that engenders predation and that profits, in the end, from social and economic injustice. The unknown number of for-profit students—variously said to be between 1.2 million and about twice that many enrollees—pays about 20 percent more than at a “flagship public university” for an undergraduate degree but about four times more than an associate’s degree at a community college. ... by their very existence, with reassuringly august names like the University of Phoenix and ITT Technical Institute (and, perhaps most notoriously, Trump University), these schools, which are often publicly subsidized to some extent, are “an indicator of social and economic inequalities and, at the same time, are perpetuators of those inequalities.”

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