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The Ticket

"Chachi Loves Trump" and Other RNC Searches (Podcast)

This week on The Ticket: KUT’s Ben Philpott talks with a couple of people on the ground in Cleveland at the GOP national convention including a Data Editor at Google who is tracking real-time reaction to the speeches.

The Ticket

The Ticket was a weekly look at presidential politics from a Texas perspective in the leadup to the 2016 election. It included veteran political reporters Jay Root of The Texas Tribune and Ben Philpott of KUT NewsFind it on SoundCloud and Stitcher

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This week on The Ticket 2016:  KUT's Ben Philpott talks with Google Data Editor Simon Rogers about some of the real-time reactions to the speakers at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (Spoiler – searches for "Chachi Loves Trump" spiked Monday night)

Also, one of The Ticket’s favorite guests: reporter and author Matt Katz. After closely covering New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's presidential campaign, Katz is following the drama in Cleveland.

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