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The Brief: Another Tuesday, Another Set of Pivotal Contests

In five states today, voters go to the polls in a set of nominating contests that could prove pivotal in deciding the GOP's presidential nominee.

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz rally in Texas prior to the 2016 Texas primary.

The Big Conversation

In five states today, voters go to the polls in a set of nominating contests that could prove pivotal in winnowing the GOP's presidential field to a final twosome.

For Ted Cruz, the Texas senator trailing billionaire Donald Trump in the delegate count, he's watching carefully how the front-runner does today in the states of Florida and Ohio.

That's because those contests take place in the home states of the other two contenders for the GOP nomination — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. The Dallas Morning News' Todd J. Gillman wrote that Trump taking out both Rubio and Kasich could deal mortal blows to both campaigns.

Such a result, Gillman wrote, "will set up the two-man contest for the Republican presidential nomination that Cruz has craved for months — but it also might pad Trump’s delegate lead so much that the Texan can’t capitalize."

On the latter point, Gillman does the math, adding, "Cruz needs to win roughly 70 percent of all the remaining delegates to get at least 1,237 delegates, the number needed to be the nominee. Trump needs to win 60 percent. The numbers are likely to shift dramatically in Trump’s favor by Wednesday morning."

And while Cruz isn't favored to win any of the states holding nominating contests today, the campaign is working to pick up delegates where it can.

Politico's Katie Glueck reported that the Cruz campaign is making a last-minute investment of a half-million dollars for TV and digital ads to run in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina.

Narrowing the gap with Trump could help Cruz net delegates in Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina where delegates are awarded proportionally.

Glueck added, "The investment in Ohio — expected to be Cruz’s biggest additional outlay — could indicate that his campaign sees an opportunity to land a stronger-than-expected finish in that winner-take-all state, where Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich currently hold strong leads."

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Quote to Note

“What a bizarre world we’re in where reporters are forced to ask the question, ‘Should political campaign staffers physically assault reporters?’”

— GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who said Monday that a campaign staffer grabbing a reporter would be a "fireable offense." Donald Trump's campaign manager was accused of doing that recently to a reporter for Breitbart News.

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