A relatively new super PAC is coming to the aid of Ted Cruz with a multimillion-dollar plan for TV advertising in Iowa and South Carolina. 

The group, Stand for Truth, announced Friday evening it has reserved over $4 million worth of TV time in the two early voting states, with roughly half that sum devoted to each place. The advertising begins Jan. 13 in Iowa and Jan. 27 in South Carolina, and runs until the election date in each state.

"As one of the two frontrunners heading into the final weeks before voting begins, Senator Cruz is under attack from all directions and will be for the remainder of this election," Eric Lycan, an attorney for Stand for Truth, said in a statement. "Stand for Truth is here to make sure an accurate message reaches voters."

Not much is known about Stand for Truth, which was set up in November and has so far focused most of its spending on radio as well as digital ads in the Hawkeye State. Lycan, who is listed as the treasurer of the group, was the counsel for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s 2014 re-election campaign.

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Stand for Truth is not connected to the Keep the Promise network of super PACs that have been more prominently supporting Cruz for months. One of the Keep the Promise groups announced Thursday it was launching its first significant TV ad buy in Iowa, totaling about $700,000.