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Texas Weekly List: Legislative Candidate Filings

With one weekend left in the candidate filing period, a compendium of who's submitted their paperwork so far to get on their respective party primary ballots.

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There's just one more full weekend left before the filing period to get on the March primary election ballot ends.

Since last week, the basic shape of the primary election has come into sharper focus. By our reckoning, only one race has yet to have anyone file. That's in Bexar County's HD-116 where people are waiting to hear from the incumbent, Trey Martinez Fischer, on what his future plans entail.

He's promised a special announcement on Sunday, the day before the filing period closes.

Elsewhere, Austin Democratic state Rep. Elliott Naishtat injected some uncertainty into the safely Democratic HD-49 when he announced on Thursday that he's changed his mind and won't seek re-election. So far, we've seen three contenders file for the Democratic contest — Gina Hinojosa, Huey Rey Fischer and Matthew Shrum.

While Naishtat remains on the ballot for the time being, we have removed him for our list as he's declared his intent to withdraw his name.

We'll update the list next week with what should be a finalized lineup for the respective party primaries.

Here's the candidate filings for the Texas House:

DistrictIncumbentPartyRetiring?Republican CandidateDemocrat Candidate
1 VanDeaver, Gary R N Gary VanDeaver  
2 Flynn, Dan R N Dan Flynn; Bryan Slaton  
3 Bell Jr., Cecil R N Cecil Bell Jr.  
4 Spitzer, Stuart R N Stuart Spitzer; Lance Gooden  
5 Hughes, Bryan R Y Jay Misenheimer; Randy Davis; Cole Hefner; Phillip Hayes  
6 Schaefer, Matt R N Matt Schaefer  
7 Simpson, David R Y Jay Dean; David Watts  
8 Cook, Byron R N Byron Cook; Thomas McNutt  
9 Paddie, Chris R N Chris Paddie  
10 Wray, John R N John Wray  
11 Clardy, Travis R N Travis Clardy; Tony Sevilla Stephen Wright
12 Kacal, Kyle R N Kyle Kacal; Michael Stanford; Timothy Delansandro  
13 Schubert, Leighton R N Leighton Schubert Cecil Webster
14 Raney, John R N John Raney; Jess Fields  
15 Keough, Mark R N Mark Keough  
16 Metcalf, Will R N Will Metcalf  
17 Cyrier, John R N John Cyrier; Brent Golemon  
18 Otto, John R Y J. Turner; Van Brookshire; Ernest Bailes; Keith Strahan; Wesley N. Hinch  
19 White, James R N James White  
20 Farney, Marsha R N Marsha Farney; Terry Wilson  
21 Phelan, Dade R N Dade Phelan  
22 Deshotel, Joe D N   Joe Deshotel
23 Faircloth, Wayne R N Wayne Faircloth Lloyd Criss
24 Bonnen, Greg R N Greg Bonnen  
25 Bonnen, Dennis R N Dennis Bonnen  
26 Miller, Rick R N Rick Miller L. DeMerchant
27 Reynolds, Ron D N   Ron Reynolds; Chris Henderson
28 Zerwas, John R N John Zerwas  
29 Thompson, Ed R N Ed Thompson  
30 Morrison, Geanie R N Geanie Morrison  
31 Guillen, Ryan D N   Ryan Guillen
32 Hunter, Todd R N Todd Hunter  
33 Turner, Scott R Y Justin Holland; Lorne Liechty; John Keating Cristin Padgett; Karen Jacobs
34 Herrero, Abel D N   Abel Herrero
35 Longoria, Oscar D N   Oscar Longoria
36 Muñoz Jr., Sergio D N   Sergio Muñoz Jr.; Abraham Padron
37 Oliveira, René D N   Rene O. Oliveira
38 Lucio III, Eddie D N   Eddie Lucio III
39 Martinez, Armando "Mando" D N   Armando "Mando" Martinez
40 Canales, Terry D N Maricela "Mari" De Leon Terry Canales
41 Guerra, Robert "Bobby" D N   R.D. "Bobby" Guerra
42 Raymond, Richard D N   Richard Pena Raymond
43 Lozano, Jose Manuel R N J.M. Lozano  
44 Kuempel, John R N John Kuempel  
45 Isaac, Jason R N Jason Isaac  
46 Dukes, Dawnna D N   Dawnna Dukes
47 Workman, Paul R N Paul Workman; Jay Wiley  
48 Howard, Donna D N   Donna Howard
49 Naishtat, Elliott D N   Huey Fischer; Gina Hinojosa; Matthew Shrum
50 Israel, Celia D N   Celia Israel
51 Rodriguez, Eddie D N   Eddie Rodriguez
52 Gonzales, Larry R N Larry Gonzales  
53 Murr, Andrew R N Andrew Murr  
54 Aycock, Jimmie Don R Y Scott Cosper; Austin Ruiz; Larry Smith Sandra Blankenship
55 White, Molly R N Molly White; Hugh Shine  
56 Anderson, Charles "Doc" R N Charles “Doc” Anderson  
57 Ashby, Trent R N Trent Ashby  
58 Burns, Dewayne R N DeWayne Burns; Philip Eby  
59 Sheffield, J.D. R N J.D. Sheffield; Brent Graves  
60 Keffer, Jim R Y Kevin Downing; Mike Lang  
61 King, Phil R N Phil King  
62 Phillips, Larry R N Larry Phillips  
63 Parker, Tan R N Tan Parker  
64 Crownover, Myra R Y Rick Hagen; Lynn Stucky; Read King Connor Flanagan
65 Simmons, Ron R N Ron Simmons  
66 Shaheen, Matt R N Matt Shaheen  
67 Leach, Jeff R N Jeff Leach Scott Coleman
68 Springer, Drew R N Drew Springer  
69 Frank, James R N James Frank  
70 Sanford, Scott R N Scott Sanford John Bryant
71 King, Susan R Y Isaac M. Castro; Stan Lambert; Stacey Scaief; Chris Carnohan Pierce LoPachin
72 Darby, Drew R N Drew Darby  
73 Miller, Doug R N Doug Miller; Kyle Biedermann  
74 Nevárez, Alfonso "Poncho" D N   Alfonso "Poncho" Nevárez
75 González, Mary D N   Mary González; Chente Quintanilla
76 Blanco, César D N   César Blanco
77 Marquez, Marisa D Y   Adolfo Lopez; Evelina “Lina” Ortega
78 Moody, Joe D N Jeffrey Lane Joe Moody
79 Pickett, Joe D N   Joe Pickett
80 King, Tracy D N   Tracy King
81 Landgraf, Brooks R N Brooks Landgraf; Joshua Crawford  
82 Craddick, Tom R N Tom Craddick  
83 Burrows, Dustin R N Dustin Burrows  
84 Frullo, John R N John Frullo; Jim Landtroop  
85 Stephenson, Phil R N Phil Stephenson  
86 Smithee, John R N John Smithee  
87 Price, Four R N Four Price  
88 King, Ken R N Ken King  
89 Laubenberg, Jodie R N Jodie Laubenberg; Dalton Lytle  
90 Romero Jr., Ramon D N   Ramon Romero Jr.
91 Klick, Stephanie R N Stephanie Klick  
92 Stickland, Jonathan R N Jonathan Stickland; Scott Fisher  
93 Krause, Matt R N Matt Krause  
94 Tinderholt, Tony R N Tony Tinderholt; Andrew Piel  
95 Collier, Nicole D N   Nicole Collier
96 Zedler, Bill R N Bill Zedler Sandra Lee
97 Goldman, Craig R N Craig Goldman  
98 Capriglione, Giovanni R N Giovanni Capriglione  
99 Geren, Charlie R N Charlie Geren; Bo French  
100 Johnson, Eric D N   Eric Johnson
101 Turner, Chris D N Carlos “Charlie” Garza Chris Turner
102 Koop, Linda R N Linda Koop Laura Irvin
103 Anchia, Rafael D N   Rafael Anchia
104 Alonzo, Roberto D N   Roberto Alonzo
105 Anderson, Rodney R N Rodney Anderson  
106 Fallon, Pat R N Pat Fallon; Trent Trubenbach  
107 Sheets, Kenneth R N Kenneth Sheets Victoria Neave
108 Meyer, Morgan R N Morgan Meyer  
109 Giddings, Helen D N A. Denise Russell Helen Giddings
110 Rose, Toni D N   Toni Rose
111 Davis, Yvonne D N Chad O. Jackson Yvonne Davis
112 Button, Angie Chen R N Angie Chen Button  
113 Burkett, Cindy R N Cindy Burkett; Jonathan Boos  
114 Villalba, Jason R N Jason Villalba; Dan Morenoff  
115 Rinaldi, Matt R N Matt Rinaldi; Bennett Ratliff  
116 Martinez Fischer, Trey D N    
117 Galindo, Rick R N Rick Galindo San Carlos Antonio; Phillip Cortez
118 Farias, Joe D Y John Lujan Thomas Uresti; Gabe Farias
119 Gutierrez, Roland D N   Roland Gutierrez
120 McClendon, Ruth Jones D Y   Art Hall; Byron Miller; Lou Miller; Mario Salas; Barbara Gervin-Hawkins
121 Straus, Joe R N Joe Straus; Jeff Judson; Sheila Bean  
122 Larson, Lyle R N Lyle Larson  
123 Bernal, Diego D N   Diego Bernal
124 Minjarez, Ina D N   Ina Minjarez
125 Rodriguez, Justin D N   Justin Rodriguez
126 Harless, Patricia R Y Kevin Roberts  
127 Huberty, Dan R N Dan Huberty  
128 Smith, Wayne R N Wayne Smith; Melody McDaniel; Briscoe Cain  
129 Paul, Dennis R N Dennis Paul  
130 Fletcher, Allen R Y Tom Oliverson; Kay Smith  
131 Allen, Alma D N   Alma Allen; John Shike
132 Schofield, Mike R N Mike Schofield  
133 Murphy, Jim R N Jim Murphy Jaclanel McFarland
134 Davis, Sarah R N Sarah Davis; David Palmer Ben Rose
135 Elkins, Gary R N Gary Elkins  
136 Dale, Tony R N Tony Dale  
137 Wu, Gene D N   Gene Wu
138 Bohac, Dwayne R N Dwayne Bohac  
139 Turner, Sylvester D Y   Randy Bates; Kimberly Willis; Jerry Ford Jr.
140 Walle, Armando D N   Armando Walle
141 Thompson, Senfronia D N   Senfronia Thompson
142 Dutton Jr., Harold D N   Harold Dutton Jr.
143 Hernandez Luna, Ana D N   Ana Hernandez
144 Peña, Gilbert R N Gilbert Pena May Ann Perez; Cody Ray Wheeler
145 Alvarado, Carol D N   Carol Alvarado
146 Miles, Borris D N   Borris Miles
147 Coleman, Garnet D N   Garnet Coleman
148 Farrar, Jessica Cristina D N   Jessica Farrar
149 Vo, Hubert D N   Hubert Vo
150 Riddle, Debbie R N Debbie Riddle; Valoree Swanson Michael Kelly

Sources: Texas Secretary of State, Republican Party of Texas, Texas Weekly Research

And here's the candidate filings for the Texas Senate:

DistrictIncumbentPartyRetiring?Republican CandidateDemocrat Candidate
1 Eltife, Kevin R Y James "Red" Brown; David Simpson; Bryan Hughes; Mike Lee  
2 Hall, Bob R N    
3 Nichols, Robert R N    
4 Creighton, Brandon R N Brandon Creighton  
5 Schwertner, Charles R N    
6 Garcia, Sylvia D N   Sylvia Garcia
7 Bettencourt, Paul R N    
8 Taylor, Van R N    
9 Hancock, Kelly R N    
10 Burton, Konni R N    
11 Taylor, Larry R N Larry Taylor  
12 Nelson, Jane R N Jane Nelson  
13 Ellis, Rodney D N   Rodney Ellis
14 Watson, Kirk D N    
15 Whitmire, John D N    
16 Huffines, Donald R N    
17 Huffman, Joan R N    
18 Kolkhorst, Lois R N Lois Kolkhorst  
19 Uresti, Carlos D N   Carlos Uresti
20 Hinojosa, Juan "Chuy" D N Velma A. Arellano Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa
21 Zaffirini, Judith D N   Judith Zaffirini
22 Birdwell, Brian R N Brian Birdwell  
23 West, Royce D N    
24 Fraser, Troy R Y Dawn Buckingham; Jon Cobb; Brent Mayes; Reed Williams; Ryan Downton  
25 Campbell, Donna R N    
26 Menendez, Jose D N   Jose Menendez
27 Lucio, Eddie D N   Eddie Lucio Jr.; O. Rodriguez Haro III
28 Perry, Charles R N Charles Perry  
29 Rodriguez, Jose D N   Jose Rodriguez
30 Estes, Craig R N    
31 Seliger, Kel R N  

Sources: Texas Secretary of State, Republican Party of Texas, Texas Weekly Research

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