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T-Squared: Stars in our Eyes

Today we launch Starstruck, the Trib’s first fully immersive multimedia experience. It combines breathtaking timelapse video, sweeping photography and take-you-there audio — and represents a seismic shift in our storytelling.

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You may have noticed we’ve gotten a lot more inventive in our storytelling over the last year. Think of our Shale Life project on Texas' oil and gas boom, or our God & Governing series on faith in the Legislature.

But this project we’re launching today really takes the cake.

Starstruck is a deep-dive into the secretive commercial space exploration industry in Texas, from Elon Musk’s SpaceX ambitions on the South Texas coast to Jeff Bezos’ elusive Blue Origin endeavor in remote West Texas.

It’s also the Trib’s first fully immersive multimedia experience, from breathtaking timelapse video to sweeping photography to take-you-there audio.

Starstruck is the result of months of experimentation by our crew: developers Becca Aaronson and Annie Daniel, photographer Spencer Selvidge, reporters Julian Aguilar, Bobby Blanchard and Neena Satija, and designers Ben Hasson and Jacob Villanueva.

It’s an example of the type of imaginative storytelling we can produce when we’ve got the resources to travel to far corners of the state, bring on the most tireless photographers, and spend time and energy honing our artistry and technical skills.

Take a look; if you’re feeling inspired, please support our efforts to keep innovating! 

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