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The Bookshelf: Oct. 1, 2015

In this week's Bookshelf, our content partner Kirkus Reviews highlights A Disease Called Childhood.

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A DISEASE CALLED CHILDHOOD: Why ADHD Became an American Epidemic

by Marilyn Wedge

An astute examination of the ADHD epidemic, what’s causing it, and how a radical, nonmedicinal treatment approach may help…To Wedge, ADHD is not biological but psychosocial; in the U.S., it has become substantially “overdiagnosed and overmedicated” with powerful pharmaceutical stimulants prescribed to children. With direct aim at parents open to alternative therapies, the author discusses dietary (food dyes, processed sugar), situational and stressful familial causes for behavioral disruptions and offers nonmedical interventional treatment plans—e.g., stricter parenting, educational reform and even exercise—to counter behaviors traditionally deemed as ADHD markers…While Wedge offers options not every medical professional or concerned parent will swallow willingly, her affable approach and compassionate universal concern for the wellness of children are evident throughout. In an important read for open-minded parents, Wedge offers fresh perspectives and practical approaches to the continuing ADHD conundrum.

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