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The Brief: Sept. 14, 2015

Following a newspaper investigation of Land Commissioner George P. Bush's work calendar, his office pushed back on a couple of fronts, releasing online a sharply worded letter to the editor and granting an interview to the Tribune.

Land Commissioner George P. Bush delivered a speech Wednesday marking his first 100 days in office. His remarks were broadcast live via the Periscope app.

The Big Conversation

Following the Houston Chronicle's investigation of Land Commissioner George P. Bush's work calendar, his office pushed back on a couple of fronts, releasing online a sharply worded letter to the editor and granting an interview to the Tribune's Patrick Svitek.

The big conclusion in the Chronicle's investigation was that Bush has spent a significant amount of time this summer out of the office. Much of his travel out of state was in support of his father's presidential campaign and the question raised by the story is whether the statewide official is being distracted from his official duties by his time on the campaign trail.

Cue the pushback from the General Land Office, which in a letter to the editor disputed reporter Brian Rosenthal's math in calculating the percentage of days off taken by Bush.

Speaking with Svitek on Sunday, Bush said, "The evidence will strongly show that I've put my heart and soul into this position." 

Svitek summarizes the conflict thusly:

The dustup over the Chronicle report has resurfaced a question that has dogged Bush since he began running for office: whether the rising star in GOP circles can fully focus on the job amid rampant speculation about his political future. Asked if he felt additional pressure to avoid that perception, Bush replied: "In a word, yes. I knew that the expectations were going to be heightened coming in, and I tried to show a strong work ethic during my campaign," when he visited over 200 counties.

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The Day Ahead

•    Gov. Greg Abbott will be joined by U.S. Sen. John Cornyn and Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald in Harlingen for a 10 a.m. roundtable discussion about healthcare expansion for veterans in the Rio Grande Valley.

•    GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump holds a 6 p.m. rally at the 20,000-seat American Airlines Center in Dallas.

•    A celebration for the 41st birthdays of HUD Secretary Julián and U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro is set to happen in San Antonio. The festivities are scheduled to start at 6 p.m.


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Quote to Note

“Come on, bro, this is a tailgate.”

— Dionne Harden, an Iowa State fan at Saturday's Iowa State vs. Iowa game, when GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio interrupted his game of bean bag

Today in TribTalk

Texans shouldn't need a license to earn a living, by Josiah Neeley – Many Texans are locked out of careers because they cannot afford to give up the time and money it takes to get licensed.

Trib Events for the Calendar

•    The Ticket: A Live Recording and GOP Primary Debate Watch Party on Sept. 16 in Austin

•    A Conversation with UT-Austin President Gregory Fenves on Sept. 21 in Austin

•    A Conversation on The Road from Hurricane Rita on Sept. 22 in Beaumont

•    A Conversation on The Environment: The Next Five Years on Sept. 28 in Corpus Christi

•    A Conversation on God & Governing on Oct. 7 in Austin

•    The Texas Tribune Festival on Oct. 16-18 at the University of Texas at Austin

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