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The Brief: May 6, 2015

News broke Tuesday afternoon of plans by an activist group to release videos this summer of state lawmakers that purportedly capture "a whole variety of bad behavior" but that lawmakers said was harassment.

Empty Texas House seat with paperwork, May 1, 2015.

The Big Conversation

News broke Tuesday afternoon of plans by an activist group to release videos this summer of state lawmakers who were secretly recorded in and near the Capitol. The group promises the videos capture "a whole variety of bad behavior."

The story was reported first by the Houston Chronicle but several media outlets interviewed the spokesman for the American Phoenix Foundation. The Tribune's Edgar Walters and Jay Root write:

"An activist group with ties to conservative causes is promising to unveil secretly captured video footage that one group leader claims will show Texas lawmakers behaving badly, confessing to a variety of indiscretions, engaging in inappropriate relationships with special interest lobbyists and possibly admitting to criminal behavior."

The group isn't releasing any of the videos yet, so it's impossible to judge at this point what these videos contain. The group's spokesman, John Beria, told the Tribune that "some relationships between powerful legislators and lobbyists will raise troubling questions."

The activities of the cameramen had already caused a stir among lawmakers stopped to answer a series of uncomfortable questions. One lawmaker, Houston Democrat Armando Walle, told the Tribune“Once he started being a little more aggressive, then I caught on. His mannerism and his aggressiveness — I was like, OK, this is not a normal line of questioning.”

Beria told the Tribune that "some of the most interesting findings center on conservative Republicans who act one way at home and quite another in the state capital ... 'What we’re going for is just hypocrisy. It’s liberal hypocrisy. It’s conservative hypocrisy.'”

State Rep. Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, said one of the men shooting footage was acting like a stalker. “There are some sleazebags in politics," Geren said, "and these guys are going to fall right in that bracket.” 

The group was in the news before for using hidden cameras to target the liberal group ACORN as well as Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu. In the latter case, Walters and Root writeAmerican Phoenix Foundation co-founder Joe "Basel pleaded guilty in 2010 for entering federal property under false pretenses after dressing up as a telephone repairman as part of a scheme to secretly gather video."

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Perry Reverses Position on Export-Import Bank, by Patrick Svitek — Former Gov. Rick Perry announced late Tuesday he no longer supports the Export-Import Bank, reversing his position on an issue that has become a litmus test for Republican presidential candidates.

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Senate OKs Sealing More Criminal Records, by Eva Hershaw — The criminal records of one-time offenders who stay out of trouble would be sealed and hidden from the public under a bill that cleared the Senate Tuesday. Supporters call it a second chance, but critics fear unknowing employers will pay the price.

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Senate OKs Bill Banning Insurers From Covering Abortion, by Alexa Ura — The Texas Senate on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a measure that would prohibit health insurers from covering abortion.

The Day Ahead

•    The House convenes at 10 a.m.; the Senate convenes at 11 a.m.


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Quote to Note

"You know, I think our military is quite trustworthy. Civilian leadership – you can always question that, but not the men and women in uniform.”

— Former Gov. Rick Perry to reporters in Dallas on Tuesday, taking on conspiracy theories that a planned military exercise in Texas is a prelude to imposition of martial law

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