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The Bookshelf: Nov. 13, 2014

In this week's Bookshelf, our content partner Kirkus Reviews highlights Age of Opportunity.

Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence by Laurence Steinberg

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AGE OF OPPORTUNITY: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence

by Laurence Steinberg

Adolescence is the great betwixt and between, writes the author, a time when kids are both more and less mature than adults think — and we typically get both wrong — when the brain is undergoing substantial and systematic changes that will be critical in the maturation process. Steinberg takes a comprehensive approach as a researcher, parent, participant, observer and scientist … The author provides techniques to get involved on all these levels; though not blazingly original, they merit attention: physical activities, mindfulness, identifying endocrine disruptions and high-stress situations, fashioning tools to motivate determination and tenacity. Steinberg’s audience is as broad as his approach and includes parents, educators, politicians, businesspeople and health care professionals.

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