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T-Squared: Twitter Happy

We've leveraged Twitter since the Tribune's first days. Now we've collected our numerous Trib Twitter accounts in a single place to help you find your favorites.

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We've always emphasized Twitter here at Trib HQ. In fact, we started tweeting a few months before we published our first article. We only had a handful of followers back then (and most of them were employees or friends), but even then we were trying to get people talking. Here's our first tweet from July 17, 2009:

Since then, we've grown our @texastribune Twitter account to over 85,000 followers, and we're attracting about 2,500 new followers each month. At this rate, we'll top 100,000 by year's end.

While @texastribune is our oldest and largest Twitter account, it's far from all we do on Twitter. We have Twitter accounts for many of our products, such as @TribTalkTX, our daily op-ed site, as well as for @AbbottWire and @DavisWire, our curated digests of news about Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis, respectively. Beyond those, we have another eight accounts tweeting on everything from water policy news to updates on our live events. 

Most of our reporters tweet under their own accounts too. (You can find a complete lists of our tweeting reporters here.) Our reporters have more than 105,000 followers between them, with the largest following belonging to @evanasmith, our tweet-happy CEO. Neck and neck in the battle for spots two and three are @eramshaw and @rossramsey. Follow the whole list or pick your favorite reporter to stay current on breaking news. 

With so many Trib Twitter accounts buzzing about, we collected a single list to help us — and you — keep them straight. Check out our full list of Tribune Twitter accounts here. While you're there, follow a few and tweet that you did! 

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