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TribTalk: Runoff Candidates Make Their Cases to Texas Voters

Leading up to today's primary runoff, the candidates in statewide races made their best case for why they should be their party's nominee in November — columns we published on TribTalk. Here they are, in their own words.

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Leading up to today's primary runoff, the candidates in races for statewide office made their best case for why they should be their party's nominee in November — columns we published on our opinion site, TribTalk.

Here they are, in their own words. 

Lieutenant Governor (R)

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst: Why me and not Patrick or Van de Putte

"In the race for lieutenant governor, Texans must choose the candidate with experience, integrity and conservatism. With all due respect to the state senators from San Antonio and Houston, I'm tops in all three categories."

State Sen. Dan Patrick: Why me and not Dewhurst or Van de Putte

"I'm running for lieutenant governor because of what I see as a lack of leadership in the Texas Senate. I am running to advance the conservative agenda that voters have waited far too long for."

Attorney General (R)

State Rep. Dan Branch: Why me and not Ken Paxton

"Texas needs an attorney general who will stand up and fight, not cower and hide. My opponent appears unfit to be an attorney — let alone our attorney general."

State Sen. Ken Paxton: Why me and not Dan Branch

"It’s more important now than ever that we have a strong, conservative attorney general of Texas. While my opponent occasionally talks the talk, I have a record of walking the walk."

U.S. Senate (D)

Kesha Rogers: Why me and not David Alameel

"My campaign for U.S. Senate as a LaRouche Democrat provides an opportunity for Texas to lead the nation in restoring the rule of the Constitution. We must pick up where President John F. Kennedy left off, and go much further."

David Alameel: Why me and not Kesha Rogers

"Democrats have an easy choice in the May 27 runoff for U.S. Senate. After the runoff, however, the real battle begins — against Republican Sen. John Cornyn, and for true reform."

Railroad Commissioner (R)

Wayne Christian: Why me and not Ryan Sitton 

"Texas does not need another smooth talker like my opponent using the Railroad Commission as collateral damage in his journey up the slippery pole that is Republican politics in Texas."

Ryan Sitton: Why me and not Wayne Christian

"Why would Texans trust someone with zero oil and gas experience to oversee that industry? My experience and technical expertise make me well suited to serve."

Agriculture Commissioner (R)

Sid Miller: Why me and not Tommy Merritt

"My opponent is a good man and he has served our state honorably, but he simply does not have the agriculture background, training, and real-world farming, ranching and agribusiness experience that I have earned over the last 50 years."

Tommy Merritt: Why me and not Sid Miller

"I have unimpeachable ethics and a record of fighting for transparency in state government. I won't give the Democrats an issue that will let them capture this seat in November."

Agriculture Commissioner (D):

Kinky Friedman: Why me and not Jim Hogan

"Why am I running for agriculture commissioner of Texas? Because it’s time for someone to bring courage, imagination and common sense back to politics."

Jim Hogan: Why me and not Kinky Friedman

"As a candidate for this office, I have conducted myself in a manner that can be considered both refreshing and inspiring. This campaign at times has been humorous, which is good because of the state of Texas politics."

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