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Slideshow: Pump Jack Art Celebrates Luling's Oil History

Luling, which once gushed with oil and was known as the “toughest town in Texas,” has found a unique way to celebrate its heritage: decorating its aging — but still working — pump jacks with vibrant colors and characters.

A few feet away from the train tracks that split Luling, a pump jack showcases a cow jumping over the moon.
In the First Baptist Church parking lot, a few feet away from a rusty basketball hoop that looks just as old as the well, a pump jack quarterback is poised to make a pass. The quarterback is wearing Luling High School's green and white.
As Dairy Queen customers inch through the drive-through line, they can gaze upon the "DQ Dude," who is branded with the company's logo.
Near a Chevron station, the vibrant colors of this installation — "Girl Picking Flowers" — clash with the rusty pump jack it clings to.
This butterfly, which gently flaps its wings when the pump is turned on, is one of Luling's older pump jack installations.
In a grocery store parking lot, these swimming ducks bob up and down with the pump jack.
This pump jack, which operates near ELGI Rubber Company on U.S. 183, features a killer whale.
Most of the 183 pump jacks scattered throughout Luling are unadorned, such as this one in the middle a shared yard.
When this pump is switched on, it sends Santa Claus' sleigh moving up and down. It sits in the side parking lot of a Dollar General store.
This surf board-toting flamingo in a car sits atop a pump in the American National Bank parking lot.
A shark chomps at a fish in the Dollar General parking lot. This is one of several art installations in Luling created by George Kalisek, an artist based in Moulton. Kalisek says the installations with moving parts are toughest to design, but they are his favorite.
A piece called "Seesaw Kids" sits in the grass near a pump jack near ELGI Rubber Company. When a well or the art needs repairing, Kalesik says he can easily disassemble the pieces. And in most cases, it takes just an hour to put them back together.
In Blanche Square of off U.S. 183, an eagle bobs up and down with the pump jack.
A pump jack tiger faces U.S. 183 off of Lamar Street.

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