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T-Squared: One Last Chance to Give

As the end of the year approaches, we respectfully ask that you support — for all the right and honorable reasons — your favorite non-profit news organization.

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Ross Ramsey's column in yesterday's Times and today's Tribune about the end-of-year fundraising deadline for candidates reminded me that December 31 matters to us too, but for a different reason.

Unlike those preening political hopefuls, we don't need to show our strength; we already have. If we stopped dead in our tracks today, 2013 would still be our best year ever in terms of the content we've created, the impact we're having on the statewide conversation, our brand visibility, the robustness of our events, our social media following and, yes, the revenue we've generated: more than $5.1 million and growing as I type these words. And yet the cost of accomplishing all this and more, of realizing our aggressive goals and implementing our ambitious plans, is growing too — which is why we'd be thrilled if you'd consider making a tax-deductible gift to the Trib before the arrival of 2014.

Your support matters for a single, simple reason: because your embrace of our mission and your investment in our success, literal and otherwise, makes Texas a smarter and therefore better place. No matter the size of your contribution, it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. Your faith will be rewarded through the creation of thoughtful, productive citizens who make informed choices at election time and all times. As civic engagement goes, that's a pretty sweet deal.

To give, click here.

From all of us at Trib HQ, thanks for providing us the means to do our important work. Happy and merry to you and yours.

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