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T-Squared: Introducing TW Politics

Starting this week, readers of Texas Weekly, our subscriber-only newsletter, will get an incredible perk: a breaking news blog aimed specifically at political insiders. Sign up today!

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Many of you know that the Tribune has a sister publication, Texas Weekly — a top-notch, subscriber-only state government and politics newsletter that has been continuously published for nearly three decades (and for many of those years was edited by our executive editor, Ross Ramsey). We're overhauling TW in a big way over the next few months, and as part of that process, we've created something worth touting both to them and you: breaking news blog created specifically for political insiders.

Starting this week, TW Politics will be the place to go to find out who’s in, who’s out, who’s up and who’s down in statewide, legislative and federal races. It will combine up-to-the-minute coverage of campaigns and elections with smart analysis, courtesy of Trib reporters on the trail and our new TW editor, John Reynolds. And it will put campaign ads, election brackets, contribution and expenditure data, political endorsements and the like at your fingertips. 

Fear not, loyal Texas Tribune readers: You're not losing a thing. We'll continue to provide the deep dives and insights you've come to rely on, for free. 

But if you're an eat-sleep-live-and-breathe Texas politics junkie, or an aspiring one, and you're looking to go that extra mile, follow TW Politics on Twitter and subscribe now: This is just the thing for you.

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