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Slideshow: Carlos Gutierrez "Pedaling for Justice" Bike Ride

After riding his bike for more than 700 miles over 12 days, Carlos Gutierrez, — a Chihuahua native and businessman whose legs were cut off by Mexican gang members — completed his "Pedaling for Justice" trek Saturday in Austin.

By Marjorie Kamys Cotera
Gutierrez, who is awaiting a hearing on his request for asylum in the U.S., stands in front of the Texas Capitol after his 12-day ride across the state. The focus of his journey was to raise awareness about the impunity for violent criminals in Mexico and to support his fellow asylum-seekers. What it isn’t, he said, is a protest of the U.S. government.
Gutierrez nears the end of his 12-day trek across Texas, which started Oct. 29 in El Paso.
Gutierrez rides ahead on his way into Austin. His trip started with with three other cyclists, but others joined at different stages.
Gutierrez celebrates as he nears the end of his ride across Texas. He said he wanted to do something inspiring as he waited for a decision on his asylum request.
Gutierrez accepts a hug after completing his 12-day ride across Texas. Those who rode with him say the ripple effects of the ride have sparked hope across the state for others facing a variety of challenges.
“This is something extraordinary, this is something beautiful,” Gutierrez said at the conclusion of his ride. “This is a noble cause, this is a pacifist movement.”
“There is always something good that comes from the bad,” said Gutierrez.

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