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The Evening Brief: Aug. 9, 2013

Your evening reading: Data on the public's understanding of the Affordable Care Act; a couple of weeks until a decision from state Sen. Wendy Davis; an upcoming debate on CSCOPE

State Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, on the Senate floor on July 1, 2013.

New in The Texas Tribune

•    New Abortion Limits, but More Money for Women's Health: "In its 2013 session, the Legislature sought to mitigate the impact of those cuts with the largest financial package for women’s health services in state history, increasing spending to $214 million in the 2014-15 budget from $109 million. Still, women’s health advocates have raised concerns that the financing does not go far enough."

•    Perry's Whack at the Obamacare Piñata: "While most Americans do in fact have an opinion on the Affordable Care Act, to say that they understand it — at all, let alone 'all too well' — runs contrary to the data currently available." 

•    In an Accident, Drivers Have New Reasons Not to Run: "With new laws increasing the penalties for drivers involved in hit-and-run fatalities or those who fail to stop and render aid, advocates are hoping that Texas drivers have a greater incentive to stay at the scene of accidents and help the injured."

•    Outsiders Have Something in Common — Squeaky Wheels: "The model for Jonathan Stickland isn’t what you might expect."


•    Davis: Governor's race announcement coming 'in a couple of weeks' (Austin American-Statesman): "State Sen. Wendy Davis will make an announcement about the governor’s race 'in a couple of weeks,' the Fort Worth Democrat said Friday afternoon at the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas conference in Austin."

•    Rep. Brandon Creighton Announces Bid for Agriculture Commissioner (The Dallas Morning News): "Republican Representative Brandon Creighton officially announced a run for Agriculture Commissioner Friday. Straight out of the blocks he touted his conservative roots and blasted the federal government.

•    CSCOPE curriculum debate to go live (Houston Chronicle): "Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, and State Board of Education member Thomas Ratliff have agreed to square off over a controversial science and social studies curriculum used in hundreds of Texas schools."

•    Prepping for 2016: Rick Perry (The Washington Post): "As we wind down our series on presidential contenders, we look at Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s to-do list if he wants to be a serious contender in 2016."

•    Weighing Governor's Bid, Wendy Davis Feels the August Heat (Time): "Politics is not a summer pastime in Texas. In the dog days of August, the politically obsessed, from staffers to lobbyists, typically flee triple-digit temperatures to cooler climes. Monday’s news that the legislature was finally adjourning was met with relief. And while Wendy Davis, the pink-sneakered abortion-bill-filibustering state senator, enjoyed a star turn at the National Press Club in Washington earlier this week, some of the folks back home grumbled.

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