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Weekend Insider: Rusty Hardin, Louie Gohmert

In this edition of the Weekend Insider, we talk about high-profile Houston defense lawyer Rusty Hardin and U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler.

Brandi Grissom talks about Houston defense lawyer Rusty Hardin, who has garnered fame for his work for high-profile celebrities like Roger Clemens, Scottie Pippen and Adrian Peterson. But before he defended the accused, Hardin was on the other side of the courtroom, prosecuting criminals. Now, he is the special prosecutor in the court of inquiry for Williamson County state district Judge Ken Anderson, the former district attorney who is accused of hiding evidence in a case that sent an innocent man to prison for life.

And Jay Root profiles Congressman Louie Gohmert. The East Texas Republican is not shy about voicing his opinions. He has compared homosexuality to bestiality, warns that evil-doers are making “terror babies” and was an original co-sponsor of the “birther” bill that critics of Barack Obama used to question his U.S. citizenship. More recently, he blamed the Aurora, Colo. shootings on attempts to remove religion from the public square, and he warned that Muslim extremists are infiltrating the highest level of government. For that, Gohmert received harsh criticism from fellow Republican John McCain. But he remains extremely popular in his district. 

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