Heads up: As of today, we're revising how we disclose individual, corporate and foundation donors to the Tribune.

Instead of identifying donors quoted or written about at the bottom of a story, we're simply adding a line to the bottom of every piece of content we post directing readers to the area of our site where we list each person or entity that has ever contributed anything to the Trib, be it $10, $10,000 or $10 million. That way, our readers can vet our full roster of donors themselves and litigate any potential conflicts of interest without our having to act as an intermediary. It also prevents our journalists from having to search through our fundraising records for anyone mentioned in their stories — an appropriate separation of our editorial and back-office operations.  

As the last two-and-a-half years have made clear, we're all about disclosure — often a greater level of disclosure than our tax-exempt status requires. This is yet another ray of sunlight on how we do business. You deserve to know who's paying the bills, and as long as there's a Texas Tribune, you will.

Texas Tribune donors or members may be quoted or mentioned in our stories, or may be the subject of them. For a complete list of contributors, click here.

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