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The Evening Brief: March 16, 2012

Your evening reading: Abbott files suit against federal government over Women's Health Program; Texas congressman arrested at D.C. protest with Clooney; Paul running low on cash?

Attorney General Greg Abbot on Jan. 31, 2011, speaking about Texas' lawsuit against federal health care reform.

New in The Texas Tribune:

  • Abbott Sues Feds Over Women's Health Program: "Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is filing yet another lawsuit against the federal government, this one, no surprise, over the Women's Health Program. … On Friday, Abbott filed suit, saying that the federal government's action is unconstitutional because it seeks to 'commandeer and coerce the states' lawmaking processes into awarding taxpayer subsidies to elective abortion providers.'"
  • Al Green Arrested at D.C. Protest With George Clooney: "U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, was arrested this morning in front of the Sudanese Embassy in D.C. He was one of more that a dozen demonstrators there to bring awareness to starvation in Sudan — including actor George Clooney."
  • Where Republican Math Gets Complicated: "Texas Republicans are stuck, having won as many seats as it is possible to win by elections or by creative political mapping. But the solution is simple: Since Hispanic voters in Texas are among the groups protected by the federal Voting Rights Act, Republicans have to draw Hispanic districts and then win them."


  • Ron Paul's Cash Crunch (Slate): "Is Ron Paul's presidential campaign running low on money? All signs point to 'yes.' The campaign isn't bottoming out, and it's not taking on debt. But it's not the cash-rich Mule that tromped through all of 2008's primaries. According to the campaign's February FEC statement — its last monthly update — it had $1,644,814.60 in the bank after spending $5,233,011.28 in the packed primary month of January. Four years ago, Paul had $6,017,400.79 left in the account at the end of January."
  • James turns up heat under Dewhurst for 'inexcusable' no-shows (The Dallas Morning News): "Senate hopeful Craig James on Friday accused frontrunner David Dewhurst of stiffing Republican voters by skipping debates and candidate forums. 'It's inexcusable that the lieutenant governor does not show up to let Texans hear what he stands for,' James said on a fundraising conference call. 'Go through the political process — you're asking Texans for their vote. And he's not showing up. ... It speaks volumes. ... Is he a good guy? Maybe. But he's right now depriving Texans.'"

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