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The Midday Brief: July 19, 2011

Your afternoon reading: Perry says he has no interest in VP; the governor's ads through the years; DeMint endorses Cruz in Senate race

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New in The Texas Tribune:

  • "John Nance Garner, the colorful West Texas politician known as 'Cactus Jack,' used to say the office of vice president 'wasn’t worth a warm bucket of piss.' Gov. Rick Perry, without using any four-letter words, said as much on Tuesday." — Rick Perry Says He Has No Interest in VP Slot
  • "Gov. Rick Perry's metamorphosis as a public figure is owed, in part, to an image carefully curated by a media team that is known for its discipline and loyalty. Dozens of campaign ads over the years have led to six consecutive victories and solidified Perry's status as one of the best campaigners in state history." — Video: What 20 Years of Ads Reveal About Perry
  • "Gov. Rick Perry elaborated this morning on what being 'called' to the presidency means and said — per usual — that he's still weighing his options." — Video: Who is "Calling" Perry?

Your afternoon reading:

  • "Gov. Rick Perry says it's too early to judge whether Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.'s contributions to the Republican Governors Association should be returned in light of the phone-hacking scandal that is threatening both Murdoch's News Corp. empire and the government of British Prime Minister David Cameron." — Perry says it's 'premature' to judge Rupert Murdoch in phone-hacking mess, Trail Blazers
  • "Gov. Rick Perry spoke via satellite this morning to about 650 attendees at the pastor's policy briefing of the South Carolina Renewal Project. He touted the Christian prayer summit he's sponsoring, called The Response." — Perry speaks to S. Carolina ministers, Trail Blazers
  • "U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, a South Carolina Republican and national hero to many conservatives and tea-partiers, today endorsed Ted Cruz in the race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison." — DeMint, a key senator, backs Ted Cruz, Postcards

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