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The Midday Brief: Top Texas Headlines for April 14, 2011

Your afternoon reading: Senate approves teen "sexting" ban; puppy mill bill derailed; map would add five Latino seats

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Your afternoon reading:

  • "A draft report issued today by the Texas Forensic Science Commission on the evidence used to convict and execute Cameron Todd Willingham focuses on training and education initiatives for fire investigators and makes several suggestions for continued improvement for investigations." — Willingham report released, Postcards
  • "Leaders of the Texas House unveiled a redistricting map Wednesday that could well leave Travis County represented in the chamber by five Democrats and one Republican, just as it is now." — Early state House map looks good for incumbents, Austin American-Statesman
  • "Freshman Rep. David Simpson, R-Longview, just knocked the puppy mill bill off the local calendar, saying he'd like to see a full floor debate on the general state calendar — which allows for a lot of debate, whereas the bill on the local calendar usually flies through and can't have amendments." — Puppy mill bill knocked off local calendar by Simpson, Trail Blazers
  • "Senators gave the cold shoulder today to two state economic incentive funds that have been used to lure the Formula 1 project to Austin and promote film production in Texas." — Senators cool to film, F1 incentive funds, Postcards
  • "Texas funds family planning services through two avenues, and both are under attack this session. If right-to-life groups have their way, thousands of low-income women would lose access to family planning, experts in the field say, leading to more unplanned pregnancies and likely to more abortions." — Right-to-life groups are pushing policies that may lead to more abortions, The Texas Observer
  • "Voter photo identification proposals in 32 states, including Texas, are the product of a coordinated effort by conservatives to reduce polling place turnout by minority groups, who turned out in unprecedented numbers during the 2008 presidential election, a progressive civil rights organization alleges in a new report." — Report: Voter ID part of coordinated effort to suppress minority turnout, The Texas Independent

New in The Texas Tribune:

  • "Last year, after the Republicans won large majorities in the Texas House, state Rep. Aaron Peña of Edinburg left the Democrats to join the GOP. Is he now being rewarded with a district that a Republican can maintain?" — On the Records: Peña's Proposed District a Toss-Up?
  • "Two bills regulating teenagers’ sex lives passed on the Senate floor today — one would outlaw “sexting” by minors, the other would exempt young adults caught having consensual sex with a minor from registering as sex offenders." — Senate Approves Legislation on Teen Sex
  • "A bill that would regulate so-called puppy mills, and has dog breeders and animal rights groups at each others throats, got derailed from the fast-track to passage in the Texas House today." — House Puppy Mill Bill Hits a Snag
  • "At a Thursday morning press conference, Gov. Rick Perry discussed his priorities on higher education, including a four-year tuition freeze, $10,000 degrees, and outcomes-based funding." — Video: Rick Perry on Higher Education

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