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The Midday Brief: Oct. 4, 2010

Your afternoon reading.

Former state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, on the Texas House floor in 2007

Your afternoon reading:

  • "State Rep. Chris Turner, a Burleson Democrat, launched his first TV ad of the election cycle last week against his Republican opponent, former state Rep. Bill Zedler." — Turner launches TV ad, PoliTex
  • "More pertinently, in 11 governor’s races that fall into the three-to-six points range, the leading candidate has won 9 times. If you buy into this methodology, Rick Perry is an 81.8% favorite." — FiveThirtyEight would make Perry an 81.8% favorite, BurkaBlog
  • "Very rare to see a newspaper put an editorial on the front page. (I can’t remember any paper I’ve worked for in my 12 years doing that). Even more rare to put it above the fold. But above the paper’s nameplate? That’s what the Tyler Morning Telegraph did on Sunday, lashing out at Rick Perry with the all-caps headline, TIME FOR RESPECT." — First Reading 
New in The Texas Tribune:
  • The Supreme Court justice on being the first Latina on the court, whether judges should be elected, whether the all-Republican high court is too one-sided and whether Texas has seen enough tort reform. — Eva Guzman: The TT Interview
  • "If you're lucky enough to win the lottery, you can cash in not just some but all of your future payouts for a lump sum. The Texas Supreme Court last week invalidated a state law that prohibited winners from selling their final two payments to finance companies offering cash now, often at a steep price." — Texas Supreme Court: Lottery Winners May Sell Payments

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