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Ads Infinitum: Perry's "Bill White, Liar Liar"

Rick Perry's campaign is giving Bill White the Jim Carrey treatment.

Screenshot from Perry's "Bill White, Liar Liar" ad.

In their last web video, the Rick Perry campaign compared Bill White's campaign to comedian Jerry Seinfeld's "show about nothing."  This time, White's getting the Jim Carrey treatment.

A new web video released by the Perry camp today makes use of Carrey's 1997 hit comedy "Liar Liar," in which promise-breaking character Fletcher Reede (Carrey) is magically forced to tell only the truth — cue the comedic hijinks. 

The campaign clip specifically targets an old claim by White that he did not make money on a failed business venture, Frontera Resources.  It was recently revealed that White made more than one million dollars when the company went public.

Here's the video:

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