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TribBlog: Uribe's Glamour Shot

"I don't know whether to be flattered or to be creeped out."

Screenshot of "Man4all" page on with Democratic land commissioner candidate Hector Uribe's photo.

Somewhere in Indiana, a man needs a date. And he's using Democratic land commissioner candidate Hector Uribe's photo to try to seal the deal.

Uribe said he got a note from a friend on Facebook informing him that someone called "Man4all" in Indiana was using an old talent agency photo of Uribe's (he has appeared in a few movies) as his own profile photo on the dating site

Man4all describes himself simply enough: "When you get to know me you will find that i am a great person, loveable and kind no drama and just great to be with, as a friend first." And though Man4all is not Uribe, the candidate said he does share something in common with the date-searching Indianan. "They both like the beach," Uribe's campaign wrote in an online press release about the photo dustup. "Uribe wants to protect Texas beaches, while 'Man4All' enjoys going to the beach, perhaps to stereotypically take long moonlit walks with that special someone."

On the dating page, Man4all also claims to like photography, but apparently not the kind that involves his own likeness. "Lord only knows how bad this guy looks in real life, if he's using my photo to look better," Uribe said. "I don't know whether to be flattered or to be creeped out, but I certainly hope he hasn't duped anybody."

Uribe said he plans to ask the dating site to make the user remove the photo.

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