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2010: Rick Perry's Mom Made His Underwear

The governor reveals that and other nostalgic tidbits to Texas Monthly.

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The new issue of Texas Monthly, soon to be on newsstands, is themed "Where I'm From," and it's filled with pols, CEOs, musicians, etc. telling their favorite stories of growing up in Texas. This being an gubernatorial election year, both major-party candidates at the top of the ticket got their swing at the nostalgia whiffleball. First up, Rick Perry, who revels in his Paint Creek upbringing, recalls his dad whipping him for letting the family chickens out, and reveals the provenance of his Aggie skivvies:

We were fairly self-sustaining. Mom was a very, very good seamstress and still is. She made my sister’s clothes; she made a lot of my shirts. Now, with blue jeans we wore Levi’s. But when I went to college, Mother still made my underwear.

Tomorrow, the magazine posts its Bill White reminiscence. We'll post a link to that one as well.

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