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2010: Norma Chávez Speaks

Audio recording of state Rep. Norma Chavez's concession speech and her call to her successor, Democrat Naomi Gonzalez.

Norma Chavez

State Rep. Norma Chávez thanked her supporters Tuesday night for taking the punches of the ugly campaign with her. She told them it was unfortunate that her career is ending in a "cloud because of the efforts against me." And, she called on them to hold her successor, Democrat Naomi Gonzalez, accountable as she promised to continue fighting for the district.

Jaime Abeytia, an El Paso blogger, radio show host and Chávez supporter, today sent me the audio he recorded of the legislator's concession speech. He was also kind enough to share his recording of Chávez's call to Gonzalez.

First, the concession speech. The whole thing was about eight minutes, so I edited out the parts where she was thanking specific supporters.


Next up, Chávez's call to Gonzalez. She unenthusiastically congratulated Gonzalez and told her she would give her background information about efforts to allow the Tigua tribe to resume gambling at Speaking Rock Casino. "My House seat is the people's seat," she said, "and the people have made their decision."


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