She's back! This morning, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina sat for a lengthy interview with BBC presenter Stephen Sackur.

The nearly half-hour conversation touches on the usual suspects any follower of her gubernatorial bid might expect: the Tea Party, state sovereignty and gun ownership. It's available for your listening pleasure here.

A sampling: When asked by Sackur if the Tea Party will fall apart because of inner tensions, Medina predicts that it will "develop and mature, evolve." Medina shared some doubts that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin might be the voice of that maturing movement, saying, "Here in Texas, there was a good deal of frustation because she endorsed the incumbent governor." Sackur also asked if some Tea Party supporters — specifically those who hold signs comparing Obama to Hitler — are racist.  "When you say racism," Medina demurred, "I think in terms of a culture or nationality rather than the analogy between political philosophy. Nazism, socialism, as a political ideal, has nothing to do with a race." Sackur invited Medina to condemn such signage. She did not (you can hear that exchange at 23:15).

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