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T-Squared: Thanks a Million-Plus

We've more than exceeded our goals for monthly unique visitors and page views — and way, way, way ahead of schedule. For that, we have you, Randy Neugebauer, and Gay Jesus to thank, among others.

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When we launched the Trib twenty-two weeks ago, we had goals — somewhat arbitrary and aspirational but definitely sincere — for the site's traffic in the first year. We'd like to be at 150,000 unique monthly visitors by the end of 2010, we told everyone who'd listen. I'm not sure we ever talked openly about a goal for monthly page views in that time period. Our chairman and founder, John Thornton, said this morning that we "didn't have a clue" what they'd be, but I have a vague memory of saying or thinking half a million.

In any case, um, mission accomplished.

When the doors close on the month of March 2010 at midnight tonight, we will have hit and exceeded 200,000 monthly uniques and more than 1 million monthly page views — well beyond where we had a right to expect we'd be and way, way, way ahead of schedule. Those are amazing stats that make us prouder than you can ever know.

And grateful. While everyone at the Trib has worked hard to make the site and its varied content a part of your daily media gorgefest, we couldn't have done it without great material. So thanks, in no particular order, to Rick and Kay and everyone else on the March 3 ballot, to all 15 members of the State Board of Education, to Randy Neugebauer, to that guy who paid for the first corporate political ad, to the drug warriors making life on the border so morbidly fascinating, and, of course, to Gay Jesus.

But mostly we need to thank you: Trib readers and supporters and friends, who prove everyday that engagement isn't a lost cause. We're also well past 8,000 Facebook fans — far more than any newspaper in Texas — and nearing 5,000 followers on Twitter. It's an honor and a privilege, and great fun, to be doing this for Texas and Texans, and like the man said, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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