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T-Squared: Super Bowl Tuesday

We have a ton planned for our coverage of primary night, including something approaching real-time results, frenetically updated maps, and a crowdsourced liveblog. Let the game(s) begin!

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After all the hyping and sniping, the sweat and toil, the fussing and fulminating, and the extraordinary amounts of money spent by candidates with a good chance of winning and none whatsoever, it all comes to down to this.

The Trib will be watching, and, hopefully, you'll be watching the Trib. We have a ton planned for our coverage of primary night: something approaching real-time returns in every single big and small race, from the statewide smackdowns to the 20 contested party face-offs that we wrote about during early voting, fed straight into an ElectionWire box on our home page that will temporarily replace our TribWire box; frenetically updated county-by-county maps for the Democratic and Republican primaries for governor on a brand-spanking-new 2010 Elections Results page; a liveblog featuring up-to-the-minute commentary and analysis and crowdsourced photos, videos, and the like; deep coverage of myriad vertical stories, including how the Tea Party fared, which incumbents got whacked, and whose victorious rears should be smooched beginning this instant, as they have no opponents in the general; and much more.

As you can tell, we're psyched to devote all of our energies and efforts and resources to covering what is, for us, Super Bowl Tuesday. Let the game(s) begin!

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