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2010: Rasmussen: Perry Up, Hutchison Down

New numbers from Rasmussen have Gov. Rick Perry teetering on the brink of an outright victory with 48 percent.

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New numbers from Rasmussen Reports have Gov. Rick Perry teetering on the brink of an outright victory with 48 percent. That's a 4 percent increase from Rasmussen's last poll. He's the only Republican gubernatorial candidate receiving good news in the latest report.

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's at 27 percent, a two-point drop.  Debra Medina remains steady at 16.  With less than a week until the primary, nine percent of GOP voters remain undecided.

Early voting is already under way. Of those who say they've voted, 49 percent went for Perry as compared to 24 for Hutchison and 20 for Medina. Perry's favorability ratings are also higher than either of his opponents.

Here's more from Rasmussen:

Perry appears to have successfully portrayed Hutchison as a Washington insider at a time when voter unhappiness with politics in the nation’s capital is hurting incumbents nationwide. Medina seemed to be drawing support from Hutchison in the previous survey but stumbled this month in part because of a high-profile spat with Fox broadcaster Glenn Beck over her remarks suggesting there was an undisclosed conspiracy behind the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

Perry, who is seeking an unprecedented third term as governor, carries the male voter by more than two-to-one over Hutchison and wins a plurality (45%) of the female vote as well.

The incumbent earns 56% of the conservative vote to Hutchison’s 22% and Medina’s 16%.

Conservatives dominate Republican primaries in Texas and nationally. But Perry also breaks even with Hutchison among GOP moderates.

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