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The Midday Brief: January 6, 2010

Your afternoon reading.

Your afternoon reading:

• “Though the Obama administration and the Democrats who control Congress are not expected to take up immigration reform until later this year – and possibly not till the midterm elections are over – both sides are already rallying their grass roots in anticipation of a fight that, some say, could make the great immigration debate of 2007 look like a playground spat.” — Opponents on immigration reform gear up for forthcoming battle — The Christian Science Monitor

• “My smart friend Suzy Allison did the work, so here you go. She's also got info about the location of the districts, as well as a snapshot of their voting history.” — Texas State Board of Education - Who Filed? — Musings

• “The ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Smith has been a frequent critic of the Obama administration's handling of matters involving ACORN.” — S.A. congressman wants FBI to probe ACORN — San Antonio Express-News

• “The drug cartel leaders need to be defeated no question. But has the Mexican government considered all of their options in crippling these cartels?” — Mexico’s Future in 2010, Calderon’s Failed Drug War — La Linea

New in The Texas Tribune:

• “His argument convinced the commission, which wrote: ‘Since the respondent represents the Houston area it appears that there was at least some candidate or officeholder purpose behind those expenditures.’” — TribBlog: Fair Game — The Texas Tribune

• “Politically speaking, it’s no time to be an advocate for rural health care.” — No Country For Health Care, Part 3: The Shrinking Rural Ranks — The Texas Tribune

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