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T-Squared: Kelly's Knish

A few days before his untimely death, Kelly Fero went Mark Katz one better.

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I didn't know Kelly Fero hardly at all -- we were face to face only twice or three times over the years, and each time I'm pretty sure he was mad about something Paul Burka had written about John Sharp -- but I may be one of the last journalists at the Capitol to hear from him on official business. Well, semi-official business.

Late last Wednesday night, in the dregs of holiday news nothingness, I posted an item about Deli-crat Mark Katz's dig at the incumbent lieutenant governor, whom he hopes to face in the November general election. “The Davey Dewhurst sandwich is very starched, very white bread stuffed with baloney," Katz had said, inspiring me to announce a contest for Trib readers: Design a sandwich for other Texas pols, and the best of the submissions would win lunch with yours truly at Katz's restaurant. Sure enough, the next morning, on even more news-nothingy New Year's Eve Day, I received the following e-mail:

From: Kelly Fero
Subject: Kay's knish
Date: December 31, 2009 9:15:22 AM CST
To: Evan Smith

You spend five minutes with your server trying to decide what to have with it.  “Cream cheese. No, wait! Pickles. No, wait! Mustard. No, wait...”  But the order never arrives at your table.

Cracked me up with that one. In his honor, in his memory, I'm gonna call the contest closed.

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