Past Issues


  1. Texas Weekly Vol. 32 Issue 4

    Vol. 32 Issue 4:

    We take a look this week at how the newly formed Senate committees stack up by party ID and by gender. Women are significantly underrepresented on the Administration, Nominations and Finance committees. And in the most extreme example, there is not a single woman on the Business and Commerce Committee.

    1. Committee Breakdowns: Texas Senate
    2. Munisteri Steps Down, Starting Sprint for Successor
    3. A New Group of Patrick Advisers Will Reach Out to Grassroots
    4. Inside Intelligence: About Those Handgun Laws...
    5. The Calendar
  2. Texas Weekly Vol. 32 Issue 3

    Vol. 32 Issue 3:

    If a majority party doesn't need help passing legislation, what does it do to the character of the chamber?

    1. Changing the Complexion of the Senate
    2. No Word Yet From Abbott on Special Election Runoffs
    3. Inside Intelligence: About the Price of Oil...
    4. The Calendar
  3. Texas Weekly Vol. 32 Issue 2

    Vol. 32 Issue 2:

    When the Texas Legislature met in 1971, only two senators and 10 representatives were Republicans. Now it's 20-11 in the Senate and (after the elections are settled, with our assumption about party shifts) 98-52 in the House. Here's how it looked in between the 62nd and 84th regular sessions.

    1. Party Mix: Shifting Dominance in the Texas Legislature
    2. The Big 3 Revisited — Meet the New Guys
    3. Scorecard Season Already in Full Swing
    4. Inside Intelligence: About That 84th Legislature...
    5. The Calendar
  4. Texas Weekly Vol. 32 Issue 1

    Vol. 32 Issue 1:

    Meanwhile, an independent analysis shows that the state needs $6 billion in additional general revenue to maintain "current services" in the next budget.

    1. All Eyes on the New Guy for Revenue Estimate
    2. SD-26 Runoff: Cakewalk or Showdown?
    3. Inside Intelligence: About The New Guys...
    4. The Calendar