U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz talks to supporters at the Peace Center in Greenville, S.C., on May 9, 2015.
Rick Perry speaks at a question-and-answer forum in Taylors, S.C., on May 8, 2015.
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Marcus Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL who escaped a 2005 Taliban ambush in Afghanistan.
An image that appeared to be a Russian warship in Perry's military video was swapped out with this one featuring an American flag.
A warship, believed to be Russian, that originally appeared in Rick Perry's video on the U.S. military.
RickPAC ad from New Hampshire Journal
Texas Tribune Executive Editor Ross Ramsey on WFAA's "Inside Texas Politics" on Feb. 8y, 2014.
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in a video interview in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 5, 2015.