Texas Tech University System Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $420,240
Lowest Salary $23,632
Median Salary $60,000
Last Updated July 30, 2013

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Name Department Title Salary
Kent R. Hance Chancellor Chancellor $420,240
Kelly A. Cronin Institutional Advancement Vice Chancellor $295,712
Jim C. Brunjes Chief Financial Officer Chief Financial Officer $287,640
Joseph C. Rallo Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor $284,000
Michael S. Molina Facilities Planning Construction Vice Chancellor $239,292
John T. Huffaker General Counsel Vice Chancellor $238,377
Jodey C. Arrington TTUS Technology Commercialization Vice Chancellor $220,747
John M. Sanders Governmental Relations Vice Chancellor $209,389
Martha L. Brown Governmental Relations Assoc Vice Chancellor $207,060
Elizabeth G. Haley TTUS Institutional Advancement Assoc Vice Chancellor $193,979
John E. Opperman Chancellor Vice Chancellor $181,850
Ben W. Lock Chancellor Exec Asst to Chancel/Brd $178,500
Scotty W. Cooksey TTUS Institutional Advancement Assoc Vice Chancellor $169,164
Kimberly F. Turner Office of Audit Services Chief Audit Executive $161,000
David S. Self TTUS Institutional Advancement Development Officer-Engr $156,060
Russell H. Thomasson Chancellor Chief Of Staff $156,060
Charlotte D. Bingham Chief Financial Officer Asst Vice Chanc Admin/Dir EEO $156,060
Charles E. Semple Governmental Relations Asst Vice Chancellor $155,136
Victor M. Mellinger General Counsel Deputy General Counsel $152,250
Billy M. Breedlove Facilities Planning Construction Sr Director $137,700
Stephen W. Locke TTUS Institutional Advancement Asst Vice Chancellor $137,554
David M. Harmon TTUS Technology Commercialization Assoc Vice Chancellor $125,000
Luther P. Herring TTUS Institutional Advancement Sr Director $120,000
Joanna L. Harkey General Counsel Sr Assoc General Counsel $118,238
Glenda R. Helfrich General Counsel Sr Assoc General Counsel $118,238
Tracie A. Ashlock Advancement Services Managing Director $115,484
Theresa K. Drewell Facilities Planning Construction Assoc Vice Chancellor $112,880
Sheila M. Kidwell General Counsel Assoc General Counsel $110,160
John H. Russell Facilities Planning Construction Director-Project Adminstration $110,000
Andrea L. Tirey TTUS Institutional Advancement Sr Director $109,304