Sul Ross State University Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $244,400
Lowest Salary $20,279
Median Salary $35,118
Last Updated May 9, 2011

Browse salaries at Sul Ross State University by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Ricardo Maestas President Office President $244,400
Donald Coers Provost VPASA Academics Provost & VP Academic/Student $160,000
Cesario Valenzuela Vice President for Finance VP for Finance and Operations $148,625
Jimmy Case Dean of Arts and Sciences Dean & Prof Arts & Sciences $107,175
Gregory Schwab Associate VPEM VP for Enrollment Management $107,055
Melanie Croy Dean of Professional Studies Dean/Prof Professional Studies $106,445
Terry Carson Business Administration RGC Dean and Professor $100,000
Robert Kinucan Dean of ANRS Dean & Prof Ag & Nat Res Sci $100,000
Jimmy Clouse Assoc VP for Facilities Associate VP for Facilities $95,780
David Rohr Earth and Physical Sciences Dept Chair & Professor EPS $89,234
Chester Sample Dean of Professional Studies Professor Physical Education $87,845
Nelson Sager Languages and Literature Professor of Language & Lit $83,237
Joel Vela Cashiers Uvalde Professor BASS $82,000
William Green Business Administration Professor Business Admin $81,443
Leo Dominguez Advancement Assoc VP for Advance/Univ Rel $81,085
Roger Grant Physical Education Chair & Professor Physical Edu $80,124
Sharon Hileman Languages and Literature Chair & Professor Lang & Lit $79,830
Kip Sullivan Education Professor Education $79,829
Dorman Moore Education RGC Dir & Prof Education $79,219
James Hector Education Dir & Assoc Prof Education $78,303
Donald Dowdey Library General Operations Dean of Library & Info Tech $77,862
Robert Matthews Business Administration Professor Business Admin $76,137
Paul Will Animal Science Chair & Prof Animal Science $73,443
Michael Corbett Financial Assistance Exec Director Enroll Services $72,000
Raymond Kessler Criminal Justice Professor Criminal Justice $70,706
William Cloud Center for Big Bend Studies Dir Center Big Bend Studies $70,551
James Downing Behavioral & Social Sciences Chair & Professor BASS $69,609
Pamela Marett Business Administration Professor Business Admin $68,934
Judy Perry Human Resources Director of Human Resources $68,823
Avinash Rangra Earth and Physical Sciences Dept Professor EPS $67,930