Richardson ISD Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $270,000
Lowest Salary $4,850
Median Salary $46,700
Last Updated September 6, 2011

Browse salaries at Richardson ISD by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Kay Waggoner Superintendent's Office Superintendent $270,000
Mia Martin Legal Counsel Associate Superintendent $206,036
Patricia Kieker Instructional Support Deputy Superintendent $195,747
Joyce Wilson Elementary Curriculum & Instruction Assistant Superintendent $164,114
Anthony Harkleroad Administrative Services Assistant Superintendent $159,719
Robert Devoll Secondary Curriculum & Instruction Assistant Superintendent $147,143
Michael Longanecker Plant Services Executive Director $137,402
Karen Neal Superintendent's Office Executive Director $132,600
Norma Comer Information Systems Executive Director $124,185
Charles Pickitt Richardson High School PRINCIPAL $117,114
Ron Griffen Berkner High School PRINCIPAL $117,113
Robert Dubey Secondary Curriculum & Instruction Athletic Director $114,840
Beverly Vance JJ Pearce High School PRINCIPAL $113,190
Anand Rao Information Systems Tech Engineer/Manager III $113,065
Joseph New Bond Program Management Executive Director $112,944
Annabel Garza Student Information Executive Director $112,509
Brian Wolf Network Support Services Tech Engineer/Manager III $112,485
Rita Latimer Elementary Curriculum & Instruction Executive Director $111,093
Peggy Dillon Lake Highlands High School PRINCIPAL $110,970
Scott McKie Plant Services Coordinating Director $109,683
Charles Bruner Forest Meadow Junior High PRINCIPAL $108,825
Pamela Linton Human Resources Executive Director $107,634
Elvia Noriega Student Performance and Program Evaluation Executive Director $106,361
Sandra Hayes Career and Technology Education Executive Director $103,913
Henry Horton Network Support Services Director $103,038
Rajendran Vaiyur Information Systems Tech Engineer/Manager III $102,816
Deborah Deaton Secondary Curriculum & Instruction Executive Director $102,709
Terry Harris Secondary Curriculum & Instruction Executive Director $102,709
Bradley Kent Secondary Curriculum & Instruction Director $102,303
Jennifer Moore Communications and Community Outreach Executive Director $102,000